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I am a freelancer, passionate about digital marketing and web technology and I pride myself on having my finger on the pulse in both fields. I can apply the latest and most up to date technology to a range of projects that suit my clients and make their visions a digital reality.

Since dipping my first toe into the waters of technology, I knew I had found my calling: Bringing ideas to life as a Designer and Developer. Thanks to my diverse professional and academic background in Marketing and Business, I can work on a wide range of projects. From understanding the technological impact of product life-cycle development, right through to understanding the impact on a business’s bottom line, I am extremely well-rounded.

Currently I am focusing on web development and web design, however I offer a range of other services to clients, including: Branding, Design, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Community Management, Mockups, Newsletters, UX-UI Audit and Digital Marketing services.

Social responsibility

Addressing social injustice and promoting social responsibility are two very important causes to me.

As a result, I co-founded a social impact project, Kfitzah, that helps asylum seekers and refugees in Tel Aviv explore mentorship and project opportunities through education in technology. Please click on to learn more.

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